Born in 1985 in Calgary, AB. As the son of a professional artist, Logan has been painting and studying art independently for most of his life. His work is inspired primarily by the natural world, depicting pristine, ethereal landscapes, seemingly untouched by the hands of mankind. Since moving to Vancouver Island in 2007, Logan has drawn a great deal of inspiration from the west coast landscape. His work is featured in public and private collections across North America, Europe, and Australia.

In 2013, Logan founded Rockslide Studio & Gallery - a small arts collective consisting of 6 artists and a window gallery - with the intention of providing affordable studio and exhibition space for local artists. Since then, Rockslide has steadily expanded, and is now the largest arts hub in the history of Vancouver Island, occupying over 43,000 square feet of commercial real estate between two locations, and providing affordable studios for over 80 artists, 4 art galleries, and 5 arts and culture non-profit organizations.

In 2022 Logan founded the Vancouver Island Visual Arts Society (VIVAS) - a non-profit organization which is poised to take over the commercial lease at the 780 Blanshard arts hub. VIVAS' mandate is to ensure stable and long-lasting affordable spaces will be available to artists in Victoria, BC. They are commited to expanding and protecting critical arts infrastucture in the region.